Mavid Construction

Royton Street, Hillsborough

Project Overview Royton Street, HillsboroughDual Occupancy PROJECT NAME Royton Street, Hillsborough PROJECT Address Royton Street, Hillsborough Client - TYPE OF PROJECT Dual Occupancy COMPLETION DATE February 2017 OVERVIEW Two architecturally…

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Lawson Street, Hamilton South

Project Overview Lawson Street, Hamilton SouthDual Occupancy PROJECT NAME Lawson Street, Hamilton South PROJECT Address Lawson Street, Hamilton South Client - TYPE OF PROJECT Dual Occupancy COMPLETION DATE September 2017…

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Wilton Street, Merewether

Project Overview Wilton Street, Merewether7 Units (6 Renovation & 1 Construction) PROJECT NAME Wilton Street, Merewether PROJECT Address Wilton Street, Merewether Client Oasis Capitol Pty Ltd TYPE OF PROJECT 7…

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Olney Road, Adamstown

Project Overview Olney Rd, Adamstown Stage 1 - 12 Villas PROJECT NAME Alira Place PROJECT Address Olney Rd, Adamstown Client Cloch Point Pty Ltd TYPE OF PROJECT Stage 1 - 12…

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Cathie Road, Port Macquarie

Project Overview Cathie Road, Port Macquarie44 Townhouses PROJECT NAME Bermuda Breeze PROJECT Address Cathie Road, Port Macquarie Client Bermuda Breeze Pty Ltd TYPE OF PROJECT 44 Townhouses COMPLETION DATE December…

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